Sunday School

Our Church is passionate about ministering to our youth. Sunday school is held each Sunday morning for children preschool-aged through high school seniors. All are welcome. We would love to have your children join us in praising Jesus Christ while learning more about His life and teachings!

Bible and Missions

This program distributes Bibles and Bible story books (free of charge or obligation) to anyone who needs them. Large print Bibles, audio Bibles, pocket Bibles, etc. are also available. In addition, this program supports various local, national, and international mission organizations. We sponsor missionaries and other projects such as prison ministries, Bible distribution projects, and Christian education programs including schools in Haiti, Mexico, and Jamaica.

HarvestCall (

Apostolic Christian HarvestCall is an outreach arm of the Apostolic Christian Church of America.  HarvestCall exists to enable the brotherhood to proclaim Christ and serve others beyond the capacity of the local church. This is achieved by equipping and mobilizing the church to proclaim the gospel, disciple and nurture believers, and demonstrate the love of Christ is deeds of compassion. HarvestCall ministers in numerous countries while supporting 30+ missionaries. 

Purdue Young Group

The purpose of this organization is to provide Christian fellowship and mutual support and accountability among students on campus who share a common faith in Jesus Christ. Activities include weekly group Bible studies and praise singings, topical presentations by pastors, get - togethers with other college youth groups and much more. The PYG also manages, a Bible distribution organization, and volunteers at Lafayette Urban Ministries (the Lafayette homeless shelter).

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